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KAVA MARKETPLACE: Your one-stop superstore for all Top Brands of Kava Kava, complete with low prices, Order History, One-Click Re-Order, stellar Customer Service, lightning response times and an ultra-secure website.  We offer Kava Kava at exactly the same prices (or lower) that each supplier offers the Kava Kava on their own websites, letting you compare many Kava products in one place:

We truly adore this plant, and often wonder about where to buy kava ourselves.  This page is a result of trying every brand of Kava we could, choosing our favorite ones, and then listing them here on the “Where to Buy Kava” page.  Believe me when I say that it was A LOT of discussion when the idea to have our own Kava Dot Com Kava Marketplace got put on the table.  At first, we were all completely against it, as we didn’t want to alter our unbiased opinions on our favorite brands of Kava products.  But as we began to see the wisdom in it, we all eventually came around, teamed up, and decided to tackle this so it would come out exactly how we wanted it to.

where-to-buy-kavaCheck out our “FEATURED KAVA” section for some personal stories from suppliers we have featured or the “Where Do I Begin With Kava?” article to get you started.

Our new Kava Marketplace is by no means, the complete resource on where to buy kava; it’s simply a listing of our personal favorites, places that have proven themselves to be superior time and time again – whether it’s a cafe, an online shop, or a local kava bar.  If you’re a Kava supplier and want your product on the Kava Marketplace, simply

What’s great is that the Kava Marketplace has Product Ratings on EVERY PRODUCT.  Now, you can see what other buyers thought of the Kava they purchased from a variety of different suppliers.  And, go ahead on comment on our own brand of Kava Kava Powdered Root and Instant Kava Mix; we love what we do, and we’ve sourced what we feel is the BEST KAVA on the planet.  But now, you not only get to decide which Kava Kava is the best and why; comment all you wish on any of the orders you place on the Kava Marketplace.

We travel extensively and would be happy to review your place of business as well. Simply send us your information and we will anonymously stop by your shop or cafe, or purchase your kava online, then taste it and post our opinion.

What we’re truly hoping for, is the the Kava Marketplace also becomes the Kava Review Site as well.  We’ve always wanted to be your one-stop source for all-things Kava, and by addming the Kava Marketplace with completely unbiased comments on all of the Kava products available from a wide range of suppliers; you know the opinions expressed here are true opinions by only those who have actually placed orders for the products they’re commenting on

It’s important to note that we do not use Affiliate Links of any kind here, so we gain NO compensation whatsoever from clicking on any links we include here on www.kava.com. It was a deeply thought-out decision to make Kava Dot Com an actual KAVA MARKETPLACE, but with our reach, we decided it would be a great way to get Kava “out there” even more.  Our goal is to feature a different shop here every few months at Kava Dot Com, outlining what it is about them that makes their product or service unique.  Our newsletter will also coincide with the featured Kava Shop, and we’ll offer exclusive discounts for their products for a limited time.

Let us make it easier for you to find your favorite source of Kava!

Again, if you’re a kava shop looking to get listed here, we’re happy to sample your kava if we find that you’re shop is one of the best places to buy kava.  We look for high quality above anything else, but we also look for a reasonable price.

Lastly, a GREAT place to start your discovery of Kava is our “Kava Kava Root” article, which, for years, was the HOME PAGE of our website here at Kava.com.

Bryan Kava