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Our most-asked questions are below.  Consider it a crash course in Kava; they’ll quickly get you up to speed by detailing its current legal status (legal everywhere in the world), to the best sources we’ve found to buy it, to the history and culture of this ancient plant.  Look to the right as well for lots of Kava posts!

The Kava Basics

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The History of Kava


We highly suggest a blog that posts articles on the legal status of kava around the world. Check out the Kava News section of Makaira’s Kava Blog for concise and vital information on kava and its standing as an herbal supplement in the United States and elsewhere.  This is the most active and comprehensive blog we’ve found regarding Kava Kava to date, and not surprisingly; it’s hosted by one of our favorite small-family farms who take great pride and offer personal care in all-things related to kava.

Find out about the Politics of Kava on an alternative news site that is people-powered; News from the people, for the people.  We like to include as many aspects of Kava and Kava Culture as possible, and that website is one of our favorite sources for information regarding this amazing herbal supplement.

If you have any links you’d like us to add here, please send us an e-mail at kava at kava dot com and we will consider adding it to our growing resource.  Don’t forget that we’ve got a growing list of articles on Kava within the Kava Marketplace as well.  We try to keep everything as simple and “findable” as possible, so the articles inside the Kava Marketplace re limited to product-specific information as seen in the “Top Kava Products” heading above.